July 2009

Oh dear, sitting here just about to pull on my blue ‘day date dress’, ie pretty and smart without looking as if I’ve made TOO much of an effort. And really, I so can’t be bothered, it’s a bit of a non-runner from the get go, becuase even if he’s wonderful and it’s a complete ‘coup du foudre’, well, there’s a little ‘wife’ issue to deal with! Much and all as I am open to new French experience, becoming a mistress isnt one of them! So here’s hoping for a disasterous date! Wish me luck!


Opps, I accidently made a date with a married man for tomorrow at 12.30am in a wine bar by the Pantheon!The disolution has kicked in quickly! I’ll keep ye posted!

coffee and chessold man and tunnelSkipping

I wish I had a boyfriend! Not a new one, an old one. One with whom I am far from the first flush of new love. Because I don’t want him for romantic strolls along the Seine or for movie style kisses on the Pont Neuf. I want a boyfriend to snap at, to be cranky with just because I feel like it, the way I see my friends being with theirs. I want to be able to take out my bad humour and pmt on the poor unsuspecting sod just because we are at the stage where I can take his love for granted, or because by now we suspect no one else would have us so we better put up with each other. Because I am oh so sick of having to be charming!

One of the catches of moving to a new city and trying to generate a social life and make friends is, well, you have to be vaguely likeable and friendly. There’s that whole first impression lark to contend with. I am right in the middle of that ‘making an effort’ stage, the one where I stick in the contact lens, drag on the good dress, get on the metro and hurl myself into big groups of strangers in the vague hope of making friends.

Now to be fair I have met some very nice people, and I am certain they think I am very nice too, which I am, up to a point. But I wonder, while we are making small talk about the usual topics, being an ex-pat in Paris, the weather, the blah blah blah blah are they also mentally floating above the conversation, imagining stepping on that irritating little French dog for no other reason then it looks like a rat and because you don’t like it’s owner’s shoes.

Hmm, it would appear I’ve decided to take today’s lack of charm out on this blog entry, for want of a boyfriend. And by the way for anyone moving a city or even going for a weekend away, I would actually recommend http://www.meetup.com. It is actually a great way to meet people and I’ve had some nights out that have been…well…charming!

god light

Window, St Eustace

sculpture at the Forum des Halles

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