They say you are at your most free when you are either about to leave an old place or  move to a new one. Then no one knows who you are so you can do what ever the hell you want.

So perhaps with this in mind I have decided to start internet dating. Not the wildest or most radical expression of personal freedom admittedly but bear in mind I come from Ireland. It’s an activity still glanced at slightly askance, at least amongst the over thirties…or maybe just my bunch of over thirty pals.

All I know is that when the topic comes up they all say ‘Go for it’ ‘Cool’ ‘be sure to tell us all the gory details’ but followed with ‘I wouldn’t do it, not in a flying fit’. Add another wine to the conversation it transpires they think it reeks of desperation. Well DUH! YEAH! Head out in Cork city of a Saturday night and then talk to me about desperation.

Or be a writer, newly arrived in Paris, working alone from her borrowed home. I hold up my hand, I am officially desperate to meet people, any people, be they male or female. It’s not that I’m even looking to meet the love of my life (though it would be a nice added extra) I just want avoid sitting home in front of the French version of the Late Late Show while the most romantic city in the world buzzes around me.

So with this in mind I have joined up a dating website. Lubricated with a glass cheap wine I have written up a profile which, though I say so myself, makes me sound rather charming and whimsical with just the right amount of self deprecation. If there is any hint of desperation in it, hopefully it’s subtly embedded between the lines. I managed to edit out bitter altogether by the third draft.

And so far I have gotten one marriage proposal! And should I ever want to go to Zimbabwe there’s a sixty four year old waiting for me with open arms. However I also have a date with an attractive Canadian divorcee who is passing through Paris on business. While the long term prospects are low, I figure a date in a very public and safe place will break me in to this scene gently and hell, if nothing else, it’ll get me out of the house!