I had a really active evening planned yesterday. After working all day I intended to go Shakepeare and Company, the famous English bookshop on the left bank, for a workshop on turning your pain into prose. Don’t worry, it’s not that I have any pain that I intend off-loading, it’s just that it was free and could be interesting. Then I was going to grab a metro and join a Meet Upgroup at the Cinema au Plein Air, the outdoor free cinema where they were screening ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. I’ve seen the film but I felt it would be a good thing to do and again a way to meet people.

So in I metroed to town… flipped through a few books in WHSmith, took a few photos at the fair at the Jairdin du Tuilieries and then sculked back home to throw myself on the sofa. Why? Oh becuase all of a sudden I basically got an overwhelming attack of the ‘can’t be arseds’.

Maybe it was the heavy August heat, maybe it was the three baguettes I’d eaten all day, maybe it was just becuase relocation, on your own, is sometimes hard. What ever it was, all of a sudden making an effort was too much of an effort. Of course then on the sofa the whole ‘oh you’re so lazy’, ‘you’re going to end up with no friends and ALONE’ self flaggalation begun, so that made for a fun evening.

However it’s a new day today, I’v dragged myself through Davina McCalls 30 min workout. I’m about to get into the shower. I’m ready to seize the day! Or at least clutch feebly at it’s hem.