Okay, I have had enough of malingering and apathy, I am heading out to seize the day! I am going to get a one day metro day pass and take this city!

I am going to go up to the Marche du Puce at Porte Du Varnes and find incredible flea market bargains!

I am going to sweep through the vintage markets in the Marais and find a Chanel original for a fiver!

I am going to brave the snooty shop assistants on the Rue du Faubourg St Honore and try on Lacroix!

I am going to the Cluny to have profound thoughts in front of the Van Goghs!

I am going to photograph the Eiffel Tower from an angle that has never been taken!

At my meet up this evening I am going to make soul mate friends who I am going to invite for dinner parties involving figs.

And I am definitely going to fall in love.

But first I might just have a cup of tea.