Hmm, an Irish internet guy that I’d exchanged a few emails with, made a tentative arrangement to meet, and then didn’t hear from, just got back in touch. He blamed his absense on holidays and dial up internet and asked if Id still be interested in meeting up for a drink.

And I said no. I know he owed me nothing but it was a tad lame and here in Paris it is MY opportunity not to accept half assed behaviour any more. In fact, for once why not set the bar high? I went through an intense DR PHIL phase a number of years ago and one mantra which stuck was ‘accept the behaviour, accept the consequences’ and I think its true, well actually I know its true. Ive accepted a lot of shite behavior in my past so here I am, internet dating!

However Paris is a chance to reinvent myself, to change the old patterns, to not accept shoddy half assed behaviour. So no, CelticMyth, and “best of luck with the rest of your endevours.”
Oh okay, it also didn’t help that he wasn’t that cute anyway.