Is it my fault my pet graph snake seems to have died? Have I not been feeding it enough juicy tidbits? My stats numbers have dropped so sharply, it would seem even my mother has given up reading.

But I am doing terrible, dangerous and even subversive things! I just need to write them this space!

Okay, that’s a lie. And being that most of my friends are at an age where they have new babies and busy lives I acknowledge (grudgingly) that time is precious and that tales of me flanuering around Paris aren’t a priority, unless they contain dirt!

It’s just that I’ve been reading a really good blog by an English expater.(No Im not going to post the name, read mine instead Mum). I’m working my way through her archives and in what seems like a very short amount of time she has had a baby, an affair and a break up. She has gotten fired from her job, won a huge unfair dismissal case and from the sounds of it, had LOTS of sex and flirtation. Skipping to the most recent post she is in another relationship! On a cool holiday! I hate her.

In the meantime I’ve just about managed to work my way through half sixth season on ‘Six Feet Under’ in French. I need to have more human interaction in my blog. I need to have more human interaction in my LIFE! I need my ‘plot point’ one!

If I was in a film, the ‘inciting incident’ would have been ‘single woman moves to Paris’. I am now going through the ‘set up’, whereby I wander around, trying to get my bearings, eg joining dating websites, having ho-hum dates with random punters. The audience learns what sort of person I am, the one that will go on ‘’ to meet strangers at the Paris Plage as opposed to one of the apparently numerous swingers websites. So far my story isnt one where you are going to find me skulking into the sex clubs up in Pigalle. (But maybe Im considering these options. Maybe ye’ll have to read on to find out).

However what is needed now is the event that wll turn my life in a completely new direction. That will kick me out of my comfort zone and take me on a journey of discovery. This completely smacks of ‘be careful what you wish for’. After all, that English expater made it very clear that there was also a lot of pain, heartbreak and trauma involved in her adventures. But by god, it makes for good blogging.