Sweet Jesus, both a heat wave and my mother arrived yesterday to Paris. The poor woman, having longed to escape the rain back Ireland, had to resort to standing under the sprinklers down the Paris Plages for a spot of light relief.

The Marais, Hotel Sully and Place de Voges were wonderful but perhaps the most pleasant part of the afternoon was spent dawdling in Monoprix, the French Marks and Sparks department store ecquivilant, sheerly becuase of their top of the range air conditioning, which by the way, is sorely and strangly lacking in the majority of the cafes. Possibly I suspect, becuase the owners know all the Parisians have already escaped the heat and they don’t really care if the tourists fry as long as it makes them drink more exorbidently priced liquids!

However becuase we didn’t officially know it was a heat wave we insisted on doing the tourist thing with dogged determination, racking up about eight hours of walking, sight seeing and heat stroke. In fact I think I have officially melted the part of my brain which deals with blogging so good night for now.