Ah married man is back in town after a ‘wonderful holiday’ with the family yet is now looking to go for lunch again. Wouldn’t that just make you give up on marraige as a concept?!

Meanwhile Cute Date Guy has gone slightly awol (ie not emailing since yesterday but I am nothing if not needy) but I won’t write him off yet. I suppose I have to give him credit for having a life in Paris outside internet emailing me. Huh!

Another very good looking and super fit chappy also wants to meet but in his profile he says ‘athletic body a must’. Now I’m not fat but certainly I’m comfy to cosy up to on a sofa in front of the telly. I suspect I would spend the whole date wondering if I fit into his personal BMI index rating system so I might give it a skip.

Meanwhile the guy with the cows is going to be in town in a week or two and wants to go for coffee. I might go just in order to be able to be assured of a proper cafe au lait in this town.