Huh! No word from Cute Date Guy today. Not that I’m checking…every twenty minutes. Im begining to wonder is it a cultural thing with Canadian men that they act all keen during a date, follow up with lovely emails requesting to meet again and then DISAPPEAR!

Surely they can’t all be being hit by buses, much and all as I would prefer to believe that rather then the alternative, which is that I manage to do something desperatly offputting by email. Surely signing off with my name combined with their surname is cute…..

I am joking! I SWEAR!

However my tendancy to type too fast combined with annoying French keyboard could be making for some typo ridden and tactless emails. Ah well, at least I’ve a date lined up with a mysterious Indian designer bloke to tide me over in the meantime; IfI ever hear from him again that is! As it is the only guy now actively seeking a second date is Married Guy. I’m almost tempted!