Oh dear, I was just catching up with an ex on Skype, we didn’t date long and we are actually quite good pals. However at one point I did find myself shouting into the little camera to him, giving out at lengh. My angry face, combined with the dodgy fisheye camera can not have made for pretty viewing. Also as I talk quickly, especially when riled and becuase he’s Spanish, with dodgy English, it must have been like listening to furious incessant static.

The thing is, even though he was being annoying (to my mind, trivialising the effort I’ve been making here) I’ve a sneaking suspicion he may have become the whipping boy for my frustration at the lamer of the internet guys. I DO recommend internet dating heartily as long as you don’t take it too seriously but one would have to be made of steel not to become slightly battle worn when dealing with fickle eejits. However I suppose onn shouldn’t take it out on innocent exs, especially when they are just ringing to say hello.

However I have to admit it was actually quite cathartic! Anyway he can be a disparaging twit at times so if he didn’t quite warrent my ire this time, he has in the past, so he was due a giving out to: Sure he couldn’t understand the half of it anyway!