I was going to meet some friends last night in a part of the 19th that I’m not too familier with. As I walked along the road I heard the most intense shouting and yelling. With my crap French I couldn’t make out what the man was screaming about but what ever it was it seemed to reduce the woman to wailing sobs.

Now apparently it’s a crime here not to help out in event in of an emergancy but I have to admit my first impulse was (a)to wonder why the heck my mates had chosen such a dodgy location for and (b) to contemplate getting the hell out of there pronto. Heh this site isn’t NOT called http://www.goodsamaritian.com for nothing.

However I ploughed on. And came upon the source of the shouting. Brightly dressed masked actors throwing themselves into a Moliere play in the Parc du Belleville, over looking THE best view of Paris.

It’s even more impressive then that from the Sacre Couer as there’s better view of the Eiffel Tower ‘scinitillating’. Isn’t that a wonderful word? It’s when all its thousands of lights sparkle and..well scintillate. What’s more you can watch the show from a bar with a glass of wine in your hand.

That’s just one of the reasons I am going to miss Paris when I go home. One just seems to happen upon the most unexpected magic moments . Another wonderful evening, also involving the scintillating Eiffel tower, was at a meet up picnic at the Champ du Mars, the green park by the famous monument. As the lights began to play, individuals ran around the many many picnicing groups urging them to their feet to sing Bon Anniversaire to their friend.

The sound of thousands of people singing happy birthday to a stranger brought tears to my eyes so the actual birthday boy must have had a breakdown!

Then tomorrow I am heading to a festival for Ganesh, the Indian Elephant God. My mother tells me he is the God of prosperity so I am going to bring bags of baguettes and pastries as bribes. But again I imagine it’ll be a day to remember.

However at least I am going home to see Aislinn and Tom my new little nephew, so maybe Cork will have magic moments in store also.