A very cute guy has asked me out for coffee. Then he wants to take me to an exhibition of a photographer I really like. It sounds like a lovely evening. Just a shame it’s in sunny warm Paris while I’m stuck up on a hill in rainy fecky Cork!

I was trying to explain the dating scene in Ireland to my American friend Amber. She comes from a country where, strange people, if a guy likes a girl, he will ask her out on a date. I come from a country where the mating ritual includes getting drunk, snogging someone and it wasn’t too hideous an experience, ye might sort of tumble, stagger or literally fall into a relationship. It sounds primitive, it is primitive, but I can name a number of under three year olds who owe their existance to a pint of Guinness and a Bacardi and Coke!

Okay, I am being a bit facitious, it’s not that bleak…it just feels that way. Especially now that I don’t drink as much as I used to. How the hell does someone go about meeting someone? I could internet date here, however it is my home town and I’m slightly worried about joining the site for fear of whom I’ll find. Ireland is a small country and Cork is tiny. There’s just too much risk of coming across married relatives or friends philandering husbands.

My other problem is I live just outside the town, I don’t drive and I can’t afford taxis home. Seriously, a taxi can cost more then a budget flight back to Paris. Isn’t that dreadful, that one’s dating life is curtailed by sobriety and penuary?
Come to think of it, maybe I could just get a Ryanair flight to Paris, date the cutey, and pop home afterwards. I’m joking….but maybe…..!