November 2009

I have an hour at my disposal before I get the night ferry to Athens…so, sitting in an internet cafe, with the world at my finger tips what do I find myself looking up? The bloody X Factor results! Sometimes I despair at the banality of my head. I should be out exploring the rich Venetian buildings of Iraklio… but basically I can’t be arsed. Instead I would give my life to be at home right now sitting on a sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing followed by the X- Factor Live. To add to my shame, I also blew off going to the home of the mythical Minotaur, Knossos,today, because I decided instead to sleep off a raki induced fuzzy head obtained playing cards with 22 year old German boys.

Does this make me a bad adventurer or have I basically tried and tasted too much Judging from the tightened waist band of my trousers, the later is certainly true. Anyway, to the night ferry.


Hmm, I feel almost guilty creeping back in here after so long. Bascially when I went home to Cork I think my muse decided to remain in Paris. It’s only now, that I am in Greece, that we have caught up again. To be fair…or rather, to make excuses, I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer trying to be creative. At least in Paris I was out on dates, experiencing new things. Back in Cork I was mostly bickering with my father…and channel surfing.

However I just spent the last week in Athens at the first World Conference of Screenwriters…see, blogging is also more fun when one is reporting on something cool and potentially envy inducing. Right now I am in a hostel on Crete. Oh everyone was terribly amusing and original when I said I was going to spend a week on my own on a Greek Island. If I heard ‘Shirley Valentine’ once, I heard it a million times and the comparison between me and a middle aged lonely woman trying to escape her humdrum life did not sit well. Now Im thinking ‘I wish’! Not much action happening on the Island I’m afraid.

Actually there is a very very cute Greek man staying in the same hostel..but, like my self, he has his head stuck in a lap top and hasn’t so much as GLANCED away from his screen. I brought my computer to do a bit of work but now it seems all back packers are packing their machines, rather defeating the purpose of getting away. As I was saying to a 22 year old dutch lad, I remember the days when the only contact one had with home was an exporbidently priced phone card which invariably ran out just as you were about to touch a parent for money. It also meant, once all the dodgy paper backs in the hostel library fad been read, one was compelled to talk to the fellow travelers and sometimes adventures were had. Okay, I am closing this baby down…once I’ve updates my facebook entry.