I have an hour at my disposal before I get the night ferry to Athens…so, sitting in an internet cafe, with the world at my finger tips what do I find myself looking up? The bloody X Factor results! Sometimes I despair at the banality of my head. I should be out exploring the rich Venetian buildings of Iraklio… but basically I can’t be arsed. Instead I would give my life to be at home right now sitting on a sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing followed by the X- Factor Live. To add to my shame, I also blew off going to the home of the mythical Minotaur, Knossos,today, because I decided instead to sleep off a raki induced fuzzy head obtained playing cards with 22 year old German boys.

Does this make me a bad adventurer or have I basically tried and tasted too much Judging from the tightened waist band of my trousers, the later is certainly true. Anyway, to the night ferry.