And back I creep again to my long neglected blog. How demoralising to have become one of the statistics of newie bloggers who usually write up a storm for two months and then leave the remains of their abandoned blogs littered around cyberspace. In my defense I left Paris and went back to Ireland. Now it’s not as if I could not find bloggable material back home, simply that those I might blog about, friends, family, were close enough to slap me.

However here I am back in Paris, one might go so far as to say, living here! I seem to have rather drifted into it to be honest. If I believed in destiny (which I kind of do) I could almost fancy living in Paris was in the cards…well actually it was. In Oonagh Power radio psycic’s cards to be exact. Two years ago she told me I would end up faling in love with Paris and living there.

Well the falling in love part happened almost immediatly, the ‘living’ bit took a bit longer, but again, seemed somewhat fated. Firstly I got a three month bursary to write in the Irish Cultural center, then a woman I met for all of five minutes lent me her house for 6 weeks. Then I decided why not just look for a place.

Now finding a nice and inexpensive apartment in Paris is reputedly nigh on impossible…unless destiny has a hand of course. The first place I looked at was about two foot by three, with a bunk bed, 2 ringed hob and no window. The second place I looked at was a huge room in a huge apartment with wrap around balconies over looking in the roofs of Paris in the fancy smanshy 17th. Guess which one I took!!So here I am, in my huge room, sharing with my multi-lingual landlady, a sausage dog Lucy who wears a better coat then me and a German student who’s name I have yet to catch. So far the biggest problem is my landlady’s insistance I share her whiskey! Do I sound smug? Hell give me one day anyway before it all goes belly up.

So I would be forgiven for thinking that the fates mean me to be here. Only now I have to work out why. Is there some reason why, when all my mates are settling down, I find myself moving to Paris? Who knows, time will tell. Also Oonagh also said I would fall in love here. So watch this space…if I ever update again.