April 2010

I have mentioned America’s Next Top Model a number of times within my posts but I haven’t mentioned the fact that for the last week , aviation as we know it ground to a complete standstill because of a Volcano erupting in Iceland. Apparently the ash, hanging somewhere imperceptibly in the otherwise pristine blue skies, would cause plane engines to grind to a halt so instead travel has!

People are stuck and stranded all over the world unable to get to their destinations though the American buisnessmen I met in an Irish pub on Friday were unsurprisingly sanguine to be stuck in Paris with their buisness expenses for company for an extra 4 days. I’d say some fantastic stories not to mention babies will come of this. Though God help them is they are named after the volcano. Can you imagine how beaten up a kid called Eyjafjoell would be in the playground! Right, that’s my social diarist duty done, back to cycle 14 of ANTM.


Wow! Aren’t emotions funny things? I have been ODing on ‘Dexter’ the fabulous Showtime show about a serial killer. As far as he’s concerned he’s an emotionless monster but every now and again little bubbles of anger, love, fear rise up to disconcert him.

I can’t say I have any empathy with a serial killer, but this morning I am very hung over, having spent last night singing up a storm and downing piches of rose in an Irish pub. Hence this morning my capacity to feel anything other then the pain behind my right eye, has been rather blunted…

And then I go on Facebook, and I see a post by an ex. And it contains a photo of his girlfriend, the one with whom he has an on off relationship ( he hooked up with me on one of the off phases) It’s on again. And she’s gorgeous…

And lo and behold a big bubble of jealousy manages to surge its way through the dense gel of my hangover!! I mean for fecks sake, I wasn’t even that into him, and I know from the horse’s mouth, the relationship continues to be fraught so my jealousy is ill-founded and illogical . But as Dexter finds out in season 3, the old emotions have no logic.

Georgous Dad

A little google trawl has revealed that a person upon which I contemplated having a crush makes music videos with very georgous very famous French actresses. I think I shall refocus my sights on the 22 year old waiter. My mate snogged a 23 year old while drunk in a pub in Manchester last week, so that’s like…permission isn’t it? She said he had very soft skin.


I was having a rather intense conversation with a friend yesterday, as one does on Paris cafe terraces. At one point I had to ask him, about his girlfriend, ‘Are you in love with her’. He paused! In a script we’d write..’a beat’ or even ‘two beats’…or three, and then said ‘yeah, I suppose..but then how do you know’? How indeed?

I’ve been in love twice. One relationship ended disastorously, the other barely got going, but I do remember clearly at certain points, seeing the concernced parties walk into pubs (of course.. it was Ireland) and feeling EVERY nerve ending in my body turning, like flowers to the sun, and STRAINING to be near them. That’s how I knew.

I haven’t come anywhere close in being in love in far too long a time. However I have fancied people with varying degrees of intensity. Some kind rather idly, some just for the sake of it and so a couple of times I have asked myself ‘how do I know if I really fancy them?’. I now have a sure fire litmus test.

How much do I google them?

If I google them for every nugget of information I can glean, I fancy them. If not, no. I dated an extremely cute guy last year with a strong internet presense and you know, I just couldn’t quite be bothered to trawl through his personal internet site. Of course it ended. However for another guy, I even managed to track down pictures of his girlfriend to have MY friend confirm that she did indeed have thick ankles.
For one of the guys I loved, I even read what I found for people with the same name! But that was just pathetic.

So if you in any doubt, just open up their facebook page and see can you be arsed going through their photos, record selections and the history of their status updates. That’ll tell you!

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