Moving to Paris on a whim seesms very cool in theory and actually, most days, in practise, it’s pretty great also. Not so today. My housemate and landlady have just headed off for the weekend. I’m sick with a flu that isn’t shifting. Even if i was up to going out it’s grey and miserable…like me. And it’s Easter!

How did I wind up alone on one of the biggest holidays of the year? I remember when I was younger, trick or treating with my little brother and sister. We called into one house where the elderly couple hadn’t even realised it was Halloween. I was shocked. HOW could you miss out on a holiday? Well the only reason, as a free lancer, I became aware of the fact it was Easter, was the fact everyone is clearing out of Paris with their plans for the weekend..yup, you guessed it, ‘cept me’.

There’s no snappy round up to this post. I just feel like shit! Mentally and physically.