I have mentioned America’s Next Top Model a number of times within my posts but I haven’t mentioned the fact that for the last week , aviation as we know it ground to a complete standstill because of a Volcano erupting in Iceland. Apparently the ash, hanging somewhere imperceptibly in the otherwise pristine blue skies, would cause plane engines to grind to a halt so instead travel has!

People are stuck and stranded all over the world unable to get to their destinations though the American buisnessmen I met in an Irish pub on Friday were unsurprisingly sanguine to be stuck in Paris with their buisness expenses for company for an extra 4 days. I’d say some fantastic stories not to mention babies will come of this. Though God help them is they are named after the volcano. Can you imagine how beaten up a kid called Eyjafjoell would be in the playground! Right, that’s my social diarist duty done, back to cycle 14 of ANTM.