Bloody hell, in my internet dating profile I say I only want to meet men between 30 and 45 who reside in Paris, but I am seriously considering making an exception for a 26 Afro-American living in Vietnam that has just emailed me BECUASE HE IS GEORGOUS!! And he sounds sweet AND HE IS GEORGOUSĀ§ And becuase his profile seems sincere AND HE IS GEORGOUS!

The photos look like they could be from a modeling portfolio! YES, I know he could have down loaded them and he could really be four foot nothing and bald, but by God, he showed discrimination in his choice and one nice thing about internet dating is that lovely brief suspension of harsh reality. I wish I could work out how to imbed them here just to brighten up your day!

What he’s doing emailing a 37 year old Irish woman in France (oh hold on, I’m down as 35) I don’t know, but some internet dating rules are made to be broken and some questions don’t need to be asked.