So I found to my cost of 8 euro 50 that most museums are NOT free of a first Sunday of the month outside Nov to March! But as I was already at the Concierge at that stage I decided to hand over the cash. Emm, not sure I’d recommend it, it was all a bit stark to be honest and unless you were a total history buff it wasn’t very exciting. Not much to see basically.

Let’s be honest, the hook is the cell where Maire Antoinette was kept before she was beheaded and that’s a re-creation. Now it was grimly moving to see a small ceramic jug from which she MIGHT have supped before being exectuted but worth an afternoon and the best part of a tenner? I don’t know.

Admitedly half a carafe of wine drunk in the Marais is making me slightly more plebian then I other wise would be. In fact I vaughly remember taking ‘interesting notes’ about the fact that the aristocratic women took pains to observe their ‘three outfits a day’ etiquitte till the very end’. However for my money YOUR money would be better spent on… oh say a carafe of wine in the Marais!

Now for an extra four euro I could have also popped into Saint Chappelle Church next door. However it was an overcast day and I had been strongly advised to go on a sunny day when the light streaming through the famous stain glass windows would literally be breath taking.

Oh the Louvre actually WAS free but the line was so ridiculously long that even had they been giving away free copies of the Mona Lisa at the end I could not have been compelled to wait.


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