I just want to make a quick note that any shops, cafes or restaurants mentioned here are done so at my own discretion and based entirely on my own taste and material cravings. However if any retailer wants to pay or bribe me in kind to mention them to my vast database of my siblings, I will do so, according to my very broad ethical parameters and criteria. For example I WILL NOT endorse selling children.

Anyway this little shop in the Marais is gorgeous, more a little box then a shop, it sells DIVINE jewellery, hence it’s suitable title ‘Corpus Christie.’ I make my own necklaces so it takes a lot to impress me but these delicately cool and macabre limited editions pieces made in Paris, really captured my imagination. A tiny little silver skull with a silver crown on a chain and a gold snake ring hung with a blood red garnet were enough to make me salivate and wish I worked in a more lucrative salaried job, but certainly the next landmark life event or cheque (or belated birthday present siblings??) will be marked with one of these classic pieces.

Corpus Christi
6 rue Ravignan 75018 Paris
64 rue Vieille Du Temple75003


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