Only five euro!

Only five euro!

I am so excited by my latest find that I barely want to share it. However being that I am a selfless blogger and that it’s right in the middle of the funky tourist ridden Marais district it’s hardly a secret. It’s Free ‘P’ Star, a vintage shop at 8, rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonerie, in the fourth arrondisésment. ( What’s more, there’s a heap more vintage shops nearby I have yet to explore.

When the shop keeper told me that the gorgeous white broderie anglais shirt pictured here was only a fiver I flung the money at him and practically ran from the shop before he could call me back, having realised he’d made a mistake. I can’t wait to say “oh this old thing, I bought it in a cute little vintage store in the Marais” . After all, gloating is half the joy of a bargain!


2 Responses to “Vintage shopping in Paris”

  1. lieke Says:

    Love the blog by the way, very funny. I scrolled to the beginning and read all posts in one go. We (me and boyfriend) moved in the opposite direction, from super cool Amsterdam to boring rural Belgium. Wish I was in Paris instead of 30 km from Brussels!
    Look for the book “Paris, made by hand” by Pia Jane Bijkerk, it’s very nice and features a lot of cool shops and people in Paris.

    good luck with the dates!


  2. francaphile Says:

    Hiya, oh I saw it! Im going to buy it as soon as the next cheque comes in. I was also reading her website until jealousy made me stop.

    Ah the dates…becoming like a part time job!

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